6/28 Adam and Sam

Adam is a return customer that was in town from Oklahoma.  Last time he was in town we took out his daughter Lane.  This time is was his son Sam’s … Continue Reading →


6/27 Will and Sara

Will and Sara were pure joy.  There is a lot to know about a person that when presented with an opportunity to do something for the first time, or learn … Continue Reading →


6/26 P.M: Bret and Stacy on the Big Thompson

Bret and Stacy are two love birds that you anyone would enjoy being around.  Being that it was an afternoon trip on a hot day, we were looking for some … Continue Reading →


T.V. Show Guide Trip with Brent Cannon’s Fly Fishing West 6/26A.M.

This morning was not an ordinary guided fly fishing trip.  I had a camera crew from California, the producer from Colorado, and a host Brent Cannon along for a fly … Continue Reading →


6/25 Kevin, Denise, Casen with Some Big Fish

I asked Casen if we wanted to do some fishing, or catching, his response was, “catching”.  So we started out on the Big Thompson, and first drift we hooked into … Continue Reading →


6/24 Richard, Ryan, and Aleksi on CBS 4 News

We Made The CBS 4 News!  heres the link to the video What a weird coincidence that a professional in the field of lightning ends up on the news in … Continue Reading →


Bob, Alex, Courtney, Jeff 6/24am to St Vrain

We had an unsuccessful morning of nymph fishing, which is very uncommon for this water.  I tried all the flies in my box…well, not all of them. I’m glad we … Continue Reading →


6/22 Steve and Becky

                Steve and Becky are just all comedy.  From Steve’s reluctance to walk on the rocks to Becky’s willingness to let the fish … Continue Reading →


Waterdale Ranch 6/21pm Brad

Brad is a fly fisherman from Wisconsin with some great skills.  We worked a lot of water with a streamer and a nymph rig, but didn’t come close to covering … Continue Reading →


Mountain Home 6/21am Tyler

Tyler is a college student with a passion for fishing.  He showed me a picture of a 30 inch lake trout that he caught from Mary’s Lake in Estes Park….which … Continue Reading →