Secret location big brown

8-1 Secret Spots

When you take a friend to a secret spot it’s difficult to portray the rarity of such a location that exists both ecologically and geographically.  Locations such as these are … Continue Reading →


7-11 Callan, Paul, Bruiser, Michael

The only fish on the Big Thompson River was caught on the first cast…the curse of the first cast fish.  We didn’t catch another fish for 3 hours.  There is … Continue Reading →


6-7 Bucky and Quinton

Colorado had a late snow season this year causing rising flows and uncertainty for the best location to catch fish.  After deciding the night before that we were going to the Blue River with 1200cfs … Continue Reading →


5/30 Jay

Jay has been a regular customer of mine for 4 years, and now his daughter who was in college at CU is moving back home to the east coast.   It … Continue Reading →


4/12 Mamie and Arline

We had a full day of fishing that started with some Stillwater fishing at sunrise for trout, and finished on the Big Thompson River.  The morning was a calm and beautiful … Continue Reading →


10/26 Chef Matt

Chef Matt moved to Loveland, CO from California and had never been fly fishing before.  Now that Matt lives in a place of great fly fishing, I felt it my duty to show him … Continue Reading →


10/1 Jay, first snow of the year

Jay’s daughter lives in Boulder, which allows a yearly visit to escape for a day or two into the Colorado wilderness.  I had just the spot for Jay this year, … Continue Reading →


9/28 Chef’s Collaborative – Boulder Creek from St. Julian Hotel

What a pleasure to take out a group of Chef’s to my local waters.  We started at the St. Julian Hotel and walked across Canyon Blvd to Boulder’s Central Park where we … Continue Reading →


8/5 Chef Andy

Andy wanted to catch some fish and learn about insect life on Boulder creek.  We headed uphill from downtown Boulder to a nearby area on Boulder Creek.  We seined the … Continue Reading →


7-19 Callan, Ryan (Bruiser), Michael

I prefer to get out in the early morning and fish before others are out.  There is normally a calmness of the early morning hours that gives way to a … Continue Reading →