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The fly selector is a full color waterproof and tear-proof insect identification card for fly-fishing. The fly selector is designed to show the most popular and productive artificial flies in fly fishing alongside detailed insect pictures for the imitation.  NEW for 2015, fully loaded double sided fly selector fly boxes! Now you can purchase all of the recommended Fly Selector flies for only $100.   That’s 79 flies loaded into a fly box, with a fly selector card, including shipping and handling, for only $100

This simple two-fold design is the same size as a business card and fishing license.


The Fly Selector has been developed and used on the water during countless guided trips. Chad Pettrone, a Colorado fly fishing guide since 2008, has devoted many seasons to taking detailed pictures of aquatic insects. It is the attention to detail of aquatic life that advances a fly fisherman to the next level of success. Yes, there are different seasons and different stages of insect life, but it doesn’t matter what day it is, or what river your on, if you can find what food is available for those fish, you can offer an imitation. The fly selector helps you identify what you are looking for, and suggests an imitation proven to be effective.

Trout have an eyesight that is unimaginably more detailed than the human eye. The main difference between getting a couple fish to bite, and getting most of the fish to bite, is the correct fly.

When you walk into your next fly shop looking for a couple successful flies, don’t get confused by all the names. Get a fly selector, learn the basics of what flies live in most trout waters worldwide, and grow your fly box by being prepared for every hatch.

Fly Selector Hats Now Available!  Please email for retail or wholesale sales

Fly Selector Hat
Custom Fly Selectors are available at wholesale prices. Please email Chad Pettrone with your company logo to get your next order for the shop. For an additional fee we can modify the fly selection for watershed specific favorites custom made to your location. Bass, Carp, Northern Pike / Muskie, and Saltwater Fly Selectors are all available upon demand.
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We can make your newest and hottest flies become immediately recognized by creating custom fly selectors for your distribution network.

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