7/30 Ken and Ayden

We did a combination of pond, river, pond fishing on this 4 hour adventure.  We started off as the Aspen Ponds, Ayden caught a couple feisty fish, one of them … Continue Reading →


Upper Waterdale Ranch 7/29 Chris and Nick

It was a pleasure to fish with a couple of likeminded and experienced fly fisherman.  Chris has been fly fishing for a longtime and has the same values for wild … Continue Reading →


7/26 Ryan and Mike

Team Iowa came through with a strong showing.  We decided to catch big fish to start and end the day, and fish the Big Thompson in the middle of the … Continue Reading →


7/25 Jackson & Jordan

I think after his first cast I said to Jordan, “Your not the athletic type are you?”  He said ” Nope”.  With a name like Jordan I imagine the great … Continue Reading →



7/24 A.M. Blake and Max

Blake and Max are a couple of good fisherman who were really interested in learning fly fishing. The grandfather of the boys was dropped them off at the shop and … Continue Reading →


7/23 Mike, Sergio, Dave

Mike had been visiting Estes Park for many years but had never gone fly fishing.  I was happy to get him into some fish and hopefully start a new passion. … Continue Reading →


7/19 The Perfect Day – Steve, Nathan, Aaron

The day started off with a news report that there was a mudslide last night in Rocky Mountain National Park, at the same location where the Fern Lake Trail Fire … Continue Reading →


Lower Waterdale Ranch, Troutman and Trevor 7/17

This was my first trip to the lower section of private water called Waterdale Ranch.  We recently stocked this water and we were able to find some really nice fish, … Continue Reading →


7/16 Tommy and Doug Big Thompson River

Tommy maybe able to do this regularly as he is checking out CU Boulder as a college of choice.  Doug is a franchise man who wrote a book that I … Continue Reading →