St. Vrain Private water with Dickie 7/3

Dickie is a born and raised Louisiana man.  He has been saltwater fishing since he was a kid, and some some fly fishing experience as well.  Dickie caught a lot of really nice fish.  We hit the tail end of a unique dry fly fishing opportunity of Cicadas, which hatch from the ground, mate and fall out of the trees.  Luckily the fish were still looking up for these bugs and we were able to fish some big bugs on the water for some great dry fly action.  We had the added bonus of being able to nymph fish any additional fish out of the hole that were unwilling to come up and rise on a big bug. The nymph of the day was a rainbow warrior.

P1020467 P1020470 P1020491 P1020494 P1020498 P1020504 P1020505 P1020509 P1020514


  • Dickie Sanchez says:

    Thanks for a wonderful fly fishing trip. I really enjoyed the experience and you did a great job making the day memorable. The pictures are great!

    • Thanks Dickie,
      Man what a great big couple of fish we got. Other guides in the shop are trying to catch one as big as that one in the picture. I tell them that you were a pro and nobody is going to be able to land a fish that big in there again : )

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