Lower Waterdale Ranch, Troutman and Trevor 7/17

This was my first trip to the lower section of private water called Waterdale Ranch.  We recently stocked this water and we were able to find some really nice fish, both natural and stocked.  Steve was focused on species identification and started the day off with a Big T Slam on our first hole: rainbow, brown, and longnose sucker.  That’s tough to do, catch 3 different species in a row.

Trevor was having some problems getting his first bite, so we had to tried something else.  We turned over some rocks to get some ideas and learned that there were many aquatic sow bugs and worms in the water, so we quickly changed flies to a Gray Ray Charles and a Purple San Juan Worm.  I didn’t have any Fly Selectors with me at the time, but if you guys wanted to learn more about aquatic life and the imitation flies most widely visit my other site at www.flyselector.com . Trevor showed his passion for fishing, excellent ability to listen and learn, and calm confidence as he was able to land some nice big fish.  He also showed us his fear of spiders : )

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  • Steve Troutman says:

    Well. Chad;
    Trevor and I had the time of our life, when I come back to Estes Park and I’m ready to go fishing, I’m looking you up. We had a Great time in Colorado but 6 hours fishing with you and Trevor is something I’ll never forget. Thank you so much for all the great memories.
    Steve Troutman
    Sand Springs, Oklahoma

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