Alaska 9/5-9/9 Greg from Wisconsin

Plain and simple, Greg is a great guy.  He likes everyone, loves fishing, and enjoys every moment of every day.  It was a great pleasure to be alongside Greg because he knew how to put the rod down for a moment and enjoy all that Alaska has to offer.  The most memorable day for me was the morning after a big storm.  The storm was so large that none of our fisherman went out on the water in the afternoon.  The next morning Greg and I were out at first light.  We cut a new trail on the beach because there were so many new logs washed up on shore.  The tide and waves blew way up onto the grasslands of the beach, and receded so quickly that it left salmon in little pools of water onshore.  If that wasn’t an indication of how many salmon are in the Tsiu, I don’t know what would be.

P1030373 P1030363

As we continued down the beach we saw numerous puddles trapped salmon, and along with it was a plethora of bears feeding  on the easy forage.  There were some big bores that I didn’t see the rest of my time in Alaska that we saw this morning.  It was a great showing of how many bears we share the area with.  There was one bear in particular that ran away from my noisy 4 wheeler that I remember.  He was the first one to run away, but he wasn’t leaving without his salmon.  He run up the beach and up the grassy hillside with a nice average 13 lb. silver salmon hanging from his mouth.

We continued past the bears and up to what we call the Tiki Bar for some world class silver salmon fishing on wogs, or to bass fisherman, poppers.  Fish after fish, as many as your hard desired you could catch average 13lb silver salmon on topwater flies.  It was the pinnacle of fly fishing, and we enjoyed every moment of it. CLICK HERE TO SEE GREG CATCH A SILVER ON A POPPER



We fished what we called the red cabin hole many days as it became a nice routine.  CLICK: VIDEO OF GREG CATCHING A SILVER SALMON

It was great to see Greg’s progression in fly fishing.  He was a little uncomfortable casting the fly rod, not having much experience.  By the end of the vacation for Greg, it was so comfortable, that he could do it sitting down.  It was great to see Greg’s progression in fly fishing.

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