Alaska 9/11-9/13 the Utah Boys, “Wogs for Life”

I’m not sure if Dean, Mark or Reed took off there waders the entire time they were at Alaska Wilderness Outfitters.  They were a day behind due to bad weather postponing the flight in, but they sure made up for it by fishing all day.  It was difficult to get these guys to do anything but fish.  I’d say, “Come in for lunch?” No. “Come in for dinner?” Not yet. “O.K. it’s 6:00, dinner time, we gotta go guys…”  One more fish, they’d tell me, as if the 100th fish is going to much more different than the other 99 that they caught : )

We went to the Fridge Hole, the Red Cabin, and what is now called Chadagonia Island, but it was the Tiki Bar that held the Utah Boys attention the greatest.  Once the Utah boys got onto the Wog fishing, also known as topwater popper fishing, there was only one way to catch fish.  Reed coined the phrase, “Wogs for Life” and I don’t think he fished with anything else for 2 days.  When your getting triple after triple hookups on Wogs…who could stop doing that?  I know it was difficult for me watch. I couldn’t resist grabbing my 8wt and sneaking in a couple catches to be apart of the action.

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  • Dean Robinson says:

    Chad, thanks for the post. We are glad you made it home. Sorry that your home waters have been flooded. We still have smiles on our faces from the great time on the Tsiu River in Alaska. We have now taken off our waders though. That was as great a fishing experience as I have ever had. If I close my eyes I can still see my wog skirting across the water with a huge silver salmon making chase. Thanks for your help and care. You were great.

    All the best. If we ever get to Colorado we will look you up.

    Wog on baby,


  • Lloyd Grange says:


    These “Utah Boys” are my golfing partners; all they can do is talk about their fishing trip to Alaska, they still swing like they are fishing…ha, ha. Anyway, thanks for taking care of them, they would have been unbearable if they would have had a bad time.

    Hope to have a turn!


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