8-1 Secret Spots

When you take a friend to a secret spot it’s difficult to portray the rarity of such a location that exists both ecologically and geographically.  Locations such as these are most often found with blatant disregard to a directional requirement other than water.  Once water is found, most of the time it is marginal, often poor, and rarely awesome.  1 out of 20 places would be considered a “secret spot” in my definition.   A place where you do not share your pictures on facebook, you only tell people who can admire the rarity of such existence on this planet and trust they will respect the location enough to selflessly put the interaction between land, water, and animal in a sacred place within themselves.

I have lost friends over the lack of trust between sacred grounds I thought to be unspeakable, to find pictures pimped out for the immediate gratification on social media.  Imagine how old a fishing location may be and how unchanged the water remains because people haven’t exploited it.  Maybe the secret spot is right in front of a large population of people’s doorstep, but everyone passes by with their eyes on pavement overlooking the land they travel.   Before pushing the button that shares a beautiful place that fish call home with the world, admire it for what it is and ask yourself if it is worth sharing.  The gratification of catching a fish is an intimate moment that was given to you by the resource, respect that.

Now, I photoshop my backgrounds, so that people can’t use the background to locate my secret treasures.  It may sound crazy, but it’s an act of complete respect for the environment.

Respect the waters you find most treasured and keep searching for your next treasure!

Secret location big brown

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