7-11 Callan, Paul, Bruiser, Michael

P1060167 The only fish on the Big Thompson River was caught on the first cast…the curse of the first cast fish.  We didn’t catch another fish for 3 hours.  There is nobody to blame but the guide when this happens, and the guide thinks that the sudden drop in high water the night before put all the fish in a “shock” to be in such shallow water overnight.  Many of the fish we saw spooked from the shore as we made our way upstream, and we yet to be comfortable in their new low-flow levels during the early morning hours we fished.

So, we packed up and left to find the Bikini hatch!…and catch some fish.  The following pictures of elated happiness only ensue after 3 hours of tireless skunkage and an hour and a half driving back to the location we started from….Boulder.  Worth every moment. Without the experience of the dark, there would be no bikini hatch.

P1060171 P1060172 P1060178 P1060179 P1060183

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